If a watch from our collection was a day of the week, which one would it be?

Monday Blues - Steeldive SD1953

Steeldive SD1953 Rolex Submariner Homage

Oh Monday, you fierce mistress! Back to work after a lovely Sunday with a bang! What is it with Mondays that they seem to creep up on you with seemingly no warning whatsoever.

Those blues are real but what helps turn that corner is the bright distinguished blue dial of the Rolex Submariner homage from Steeldive. Getting you out of that early morning slump, pushing you forwards into the week ahead.

With an air of distinction, this watch says, “hey Mr/Mrs client, I know you think you have no intention of buying from me on a Monday, but how damn wrong you’re going to be!”

Tuesday Workhorse - Hamilton Khaki Field

Hamilton Khaki Field

Hi there Mr Super Productive Day! Monday is out of the way; we are going to smash this week! Good intentions, good intentions, good intentions…

Fix up, look sharp, I am going to be dressing to impress as the week starts properly today! Tuesday is all about the Hamilton Khaki Field. Reasonably priced but a powerhouse - works hard, gets results and looks great!

In a reasonably priced watch collection, this is the watch that will get you through your Tuesday like a machine. One look down at your wrist and you’re sure to immediately get your eye of the tiger!

Wednesday Midweek Crisis - Pagani Design Datejust

Pagani Design Rolex Datejust Homage

So, is it just me or am I feeling a bit of an identity crisis? Is it still the beginning of the week or well on the way to the weekend? We need a watch that looks smart as a carrot but also gives you a bit of flair! Time to really focus on your work hard/play hard ethos for the week.

The Pagani Design homage is the perfect watch to get you from the first half of the week into the second. Super stylish but with enough elegance and panache to keep you excited about forthcoming fun and festivities.

How was your Wednesday? Nailed it!

Thursday Watch of Wall Street - Tissot Le Locle

Tissot Le Locle Powermatic

Right, it's time to hustle and squeeze everything out of our last really productive day of the week! Let's grab the bull by the horns and turn those positive vibes into productive excellence! To do this what we need is a watch that makes you feel $1million, or to put it into Wolf of Wall Street terms, "until your bank account looks like a phone number"!

The Tissot Le Locle is suave, sophisticated, and exudes an air of confidence. Perfect to get those last deals over the line. Made that sale? Done. Finished that project? Done. Got your promotion? Done. And all achieved with remarkable finesse.

Friday Ready for the Weekend - Corgeut Aqua Terra

Corgeut Omega Acqua Terra Homage

Is Friday even really a weekday?! Friday's watch is the one that acts as the ideal bridge. Spirits are high, and you will probably be checking your timepiece more often than any other day of the week until the weekend is here. No disappointments on a Friday - just dreams of what is to come.

Therefore, we need a watch that brings a smile to your face. The crisp dial of the Acqua Terra homage with smatterings of colour around the hour/minute markers, complemented by the electrifying colours of this nato strap ensure that in this watch we have a fashion accessory that smoothly guides you from weekday to weekend with elegance and aplomb.

Saturday Let Your Hair Down - San Martin 62 Mas Bronze

San Martin 62 Mas Bronze Diver Homage

Finally, you're here, oh beautiful ray of sunshine! Our zen, our arcadia, our holy grail...

Saturday's watch has no limits. Spontaneity and vigour drive us forwards in our day of reckless abandon. Today's watch screams passion and gravitas. Welcome to the weekend oh beautiful 62 Mas bronze diver. Showing the signs of a life well lived in your patina, but with elegance and sophistication in your dial, you are a book of many stories and beautiful past endings.

Sunday Day of Rest - Steeldive SD1970

Steeldive Seiko 6105 Captain Willard Homage

And calm... The final chapter in the story that is this week. Our day of rest is one for serenity and calm.

What we need for our Sunday is a watch that doesn't take too much of a leading role, but is happy to go at a quiet, leisurely pace. Sunday's watch should be an uncomplicated and undemanding timepiece but with a cheeky nature (it is still the weekend after all).

And the final timepiece of our weekly reflection has to be the Seiko Captain Willard homage from Steeldive. It is a calm, elegant piece but also with a fascinating back story. Some might say a metaphor too for the battle against the insanity of the impending week ahead...