The Top 3 Watches that we have bought on AliExpress (so far...)

Corgeut Omega Seamaster Homage

3rd Place - Corgeut "Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra" homage

The first watch on this list is aesthetically one of my favourites - the Aqua Terra homage from Corgeut. Taking its lead form the Omega Aqua Terra, this homage houses many of the characteristics that made the original such a distinguished watch.

The dial takes recognition from the horizontal "teak" pattern of the Omega with its own vertical version, inspired by the wooden decks on luxury sailboats.

The hands are dark blue which complement beautifully the gold second hand. The character of the dial is then completed by the blue hour markers and the red minute marks. This is truly an elegant watch face which underpins its prestigious craft.

To highlight the subtle colour tones of the dial I have added this Motorsport Nato in Blue and Red.

Key Specifications

Case Diameter: 41mm

Lug to lug: 47mm

Movement: Miyota 8215

Water Resistance: 50m

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Price paid: £74.77 (~$96.60)

Steeldive SD1948 bronze Flieger

2nd Place - Steeldive SD1948 bronze Flieger

This was the third Steeldive watch that I purchased and, for a company that specialised in manufacturing dive watches, I was initially hesitant to buy this pilot watch.

However, any anxiety I had was immediately eliminated. As with my other Steeldive purchases the quality of this watch is almost unsurpassed by other watches in this price range.

The dial is stunning with its traditional Flieger style and striking colourings. The hour markings in white against the matt black combined with the beaming yellow of the hands and bronze second hand, make for a watch face that screams crispness ad clarity.

The black leather watch strap with white detail perfectly accompanies the watch. The only critique I would give is that the buckle on the strap was steel. As I have done, I would definitely recommend purchasing a bronze buckle to replace the original, in keeping with the bronze case.

Key Specifications

Case Diameter: 39mm

Lug to lug: 49mm

Movement: NH35

Water Resistance: 200m

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Price I paid: £123.58 (~$159.70)

Seagull 1963 Seakoss

1st Place - Seagull 1963 (Sapphire Glass 38mm) [Brand - Seakoss]

My first place goes to the watch that I most recently purchased - the Seagull 1963 homage by Seakoss. Highly revered amongst watch aficionados, the original Seagull is a masterpiece in Chinese watch engineering.

This is a beautiful watch and one that should be part of any affordable watch collector's ensemble.

The face is graceful, vintage and distinguished and the markings bring a character to it that one could argue are the key reason this military watch has drawn in so many admirers. The large golden hour markers are distinct, but the most striking elements, in my opinion, are the stunning blue hands and the impressive red chronograph seconds counter.

This is the watch that is deserving of long term pride of place: an heirloom, a bequeathment, a cherished familial possession.

I am sure that my adventures into the world of AliExpress watches have not ended, but it is clear that it will take something extraordinarily special to knock the Seagull 1963 from its perch.

Key Specifications

Case Diameter: 38mm

Lug to lug: 46mm

Movement: ST1901 Hand-Wind Movement

Water Resistance: 50m

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Price I paid: £117.63 (~$152.00)