Seiko Coke build - a homage to the Rolex Coke GMT Master II

Seiko 5 Coke Side View

I'm not sure if all Watch Modders go through the same thing sometimes of having an image in their head of this beautiful watch build to only be somewhat disappointed by the end result. This is what happened to me here...

I really wanted to build a Rolex Coke dive watch homage, but when all the parts were put together I found myself a little underwhelmed. I didn't want to do a carbon copy of the original but something about the dial just didn't do it for me. So, as has happened a couple of times, I put the build to one side, and came back to it at a later date.

When I came back to it, I realised that what I didn't like about the original watch mod was the dial. I had used a Seiko Scubapro dial, but against the bezel I think it just looked a bit bland. With no chapter ring, I think it was screaming out for a dial with minute markers and when this Seiko 5 Sports dial became available on ebay, I went for it!

What I think I have now is a watch that takes the best elements of the Rolex GMT Master II, whilst also adding some uniqueness from the dial. To give it that "Sports" flavour, I decided to add a black rubber sport band. You can check out all the materials I used to make the watch here:


Case: Bliger 40mm Watch Case with Sapphire Glass (AliExpress) - £25

Movement: NH36 movement (AliExpress) - £28

Dial: Seiko 5 Dial SNZH55J (Ebay) - £16

Hands: Miuksi mercedes NH36 hands (AliExpress) - £8

Strap: Black Silicone Rubber Divers Sports Watch Strap (Ebay) - £7

Seiko 5 Coke Mod Parts

How did the build go?

Ok, full disclosure. This watch build could definitely have gone a bit better! Aside from the fact that the sum of the parts did not make the watch I had envisaged in my mind, I think I had become a little over-confident in my abilities. This was probably watch 3 or 4 that I had ever built.

When I was attempting to come up with a solution to watch build # 1, the slightly underwhelming watch with the Scubapro dial, I decided to try to install my first chapter ring. I think I am going to have to do a tutorial video on how to install one, as blagging it definitely didn't work!

Initially, I tried to install the chapter ring via the back of the case, and I managed to snap the first one in half. Lesson 1 - treat your parts with respect! Attempt number 2, I then removed the glass from the case (all fine) with a crystal press, but when I couldn't get the chapter ring installed, I thought it might be to do with the crystal gasket. So with a pair of tweezers, I attempted to manoeuvre the rubber, but all I did was take chunks out of it... Lesson 1 again - treat your parts with respect! And what was wrong - it was the wrong sized chapter ring!

Anyway, what I love about watch building and watch modding is learning by your failures. I have probably learnt more from my mistakes than anything else. And, for a watch that will always remain in my personal collection, this watch is a reminder of the steps to take (or not to take) in the future.

And, actually, I really like the end product!


Seiko 5 Coke Front View
Seiko 5 Coke Wrist Shot