Taking the classic Seiko 5 Field watch and tailoring it - the beauty of watch mods

Seiko 5 SNX809 Field Side View

One of my favourite affordable watches is my Hamilton Khaki Field with black dial and I wanted to create a similar field watch but this time with a blue dial. Whilst trying to identify alternative sources for my watch parts, I found this authentic Seiko 5 SNX809 dial from the watch wholesalers Cousins, in the UK.

Now that I had my dial, I knew which strap I wanted to pair with it. I had already purchased a couple of decent NATO straps a couple of months earlier, and although I had a leather strap on my Hamilton, I knew this NATO would be the perfect match for this Seiko watch build.

The hands were relatively easy to source as I knew I wanted to find a similar style to that of my Hamilton, including red tip on the second hand. It then needed a case to complete the look. I wanted to see if I could find a case that was slightly different to those that I had used in previous builds and I found this domed coated glass case. The domed glass is fantastic and really gives a bit more character to the watch mod.

Even with the authentic Seiko 5 dial, I was still able to complete this build under £100. Check out how I did so, below:


Case: Miuksi 40mm Coated Glass Case (AliExpress) - £32

Movement: NH36 movement (AliExpress) - £28

Dial: Seiko Blue SNX809 Dial (CousinsUK) - £20

Hands: Miuksi Luminous Hands NH36 (AliExpress) - £8

Strap: OCHSTIN High Premium NATO Strap Grey Blue (AliExpress) - £9

Seiko 5 SNX809 Field Mod Parts

How did the build go?

This was one of the nicer (and more expensive) watch dials I had purchased, so I was very aware that I had to be careful and precise with my construction. Attaching the dial to the movement was very easy and installing everything to the case, equally so. The biggest challenge was the addition of the hands.

The length of the hands are 13.5mm/13mm/9.5mm and after adding everything to the case, I noticed that the minute hand was sticking against the case. I therefore had to re-set the hands and fortunately the next time, they worked fine. Still relatively early on in my watch building exploits it was a challenge I'd never encountered before and therefore had to learn how to remove hands without impacting the dial. I'll be honest, I'd barely thought to consider the length of the hands before this incident.

Overall, the build was really successful. Based on the initial watch mod idea I had in mind, the end result definitely does it justice. The element I probably like the most is the domed glass. When the sun hits the Seiko 5 dial through the domed crystal, the reflective effect is beautiful and the overall look and quality of the watch definitely feels much higher than the total cost of the build would suggest.

Maybe not the most unique of watch mods I have done, but a successful build none-the-less and a great addition to the collection.


Seiko 5 SNX809 Field Front View
Seiko 5 SNX809 Field Wrist Shot