Omega Seamaster homage watch build - elements of the original with a couple of tweaks

Omega Seamaster Homage Mod Wrist Shot

Homage watches are an interesting beast. Create a watch too close to the original and you may be creating something slightly different to a homage!

The inspiration for this build was the Omega Seamaster Diver 300, which I think has one of the most beautiful dials, with its wave pattern, and I wanted to take those most iconic features (the style of the dial and hands) into my build, whilst incorporating an element of uniqueness.

As well as the date window being at the 3 o'clock position in my build rather than 6 o'clock, I also wanted to use a different styled bezel whilst maintaining the colour scheme (white dial, blue hands, blue bezel) which I really think are a gorgeous combination. Let's take a look at the parts that I used and then the end result.


Case: 41mm Men's Watch Case Ceramic Blue Bezel (AliExpress) - £43

Movement: NH35 movement (AliExpress) - £28

Dial: 30.8mm Sterile white Watch Dial (AliExpress) - £11

Hands: Miuksi luminous NH35 hands (AliExpress) - £8

Strap: 20mm Universal Milanese Watchband Quick Release (AliExpress) - £8

Omega Seamaster Homage Mod Watch Parts

How did the build go?

The majority of builds I had created up to this point had been with a 28.5mm diameter dial and therefore I had some slight concerns over whether my success to date could be replicated with this 30.8mm dial. Add to that the slightly larger sized opening of the case to accommodate the dial and movement and I expected some challenges.

Fortunately, the dial attached to the movement perfectly as did the hands to the dial and then insertion to the case went without a hitch. However, as should be expected perhaps with cheaper raw materials, the case had an extremely loose bezel on arrival and therefore I had to remove it and then re-attach it. A first for me! It's a beautiful coloured bezel insert though so I was delighted I could save it.

I wasn't always certain which strap I would add to my Seamaster homage but I love this Milanese mesh strap. I would love to get your thoughts on the final build. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Would you have changed anything in the final design?


Omega Seamaster Homage Mod Face View
Omega Seamaster Homage Mod Side View