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Welcome to The Thrifty Gentleman, an online affordable watch straps and watch parts shop based in Winchester, UK.

We ship all of our products for FREE to the UK and you are able to make purchases via a variety of online payment providers, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal, to name a few. 


We invite you to explore the products that we have available to purchase, as well as our budget watch blog and portfolio of watch builds with the hope that you will be inspired. Enjoy!


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Thank you very much for stopping by at The Thrifty Gentleman online store.

I have always been fascinated by watches. To me, they are an amazing combination of science, technology and workmanship mixed with uniqueness, creativity and delightful beauty.

With my passion for affordable watches, I made the decision in early 2021 to open up this online store, so that other horology lovers could also benefit from a place to source watch straps and parts to customise and  accentuate their own timepieces. 

I hope therefore that you find what you're looking for here.

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